Stock Picking Made Easy

Over the last 20 years of investing in Indian and the US stock markets, I have found out that there is no magic formula that guarantees great returns. What I have learned though is that there are several criteria that increases the chances of great success.

You can pick great company stocks, and I will show you how in Stock Picking Made Easy book.

Learn how to pick great stocks at the right time and see your investments grow!

Stock Picking Made Easy

E-book Content & Extras

This 60+ pages ebook is designed to be an enjoyable read, along with real life examples. Here's a tiny list of things you will learn from this book.

Market Fundamentals

Market fundamentals like "best time to buy shares" doesn't exist. After all, someone has to sell you their shares for you to buy them.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis of the stocks will teach you what to look for in great companies.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis will help you identify the right time and price.

Build Wealth

Build wealth by identifying the right companies before others do.

Ignore Noise

Be able to identify and ignore the noise from TV channels and newpapers.

Save Time

Save time by focusing on just the best 10-20 stocks out of 10,000.

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Stock Picking Made Easy book...

Contents of Stock Picking Made Easy

This 60+ pages ebook is designed to be an enjoyable read, along with real life examples. Here's a tiny list of things you will learn from this book.


Introduction to stocks, stock markets and indices like NIFTY and SENSEX

Basics of Stocks and Stock Markets

How stock markets work and why you should be invested in stocks.

Introduction to Stock Evaluation

17 key parameters that will help you identify good companies.

Stock Picking Strategy

Where to find the latest information on stocks.

Management Analysis

What is management analysis and why it is important.

Fundamental Analysis

What is fundamental analysis and why it is important to the stock investor.

Technical Analysis

What is technical analysis and how it identifies the right entry & exit points.

Example 1 & 2

You will learn all these with two real world examples.


This book will make you understand the complexities of stock market.

Book Packages

Stock Picking Made Easy comes in two packages—perfect for any budget.



    The entire book that will teach you how to pick the correct stocks.


    Learn to read the current financial status of the company.


    Learn how to understand the income and expenses of the company in a certain time period.


    Learn how to find out how much cash did a company actually generate.



The book is tailored for people who want to focus on the basics and build from there without biting off more than they can chew. You can always go bigger later!

This PDF book is where I spent the most time and effort. The Guides to learn how to read the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement are useful but you will be referring the stock picking principles taught in the book for years to come.


Still have questions? Here are the answers to some of the most common ones...

What If I Want A Refund?

If you don’t like the book, I don’t want your money. Just send an email to me at within 30 days of purchasing the book and I will issue a refund without asking a single question.

Which Package Should I Buy?

That depends on your budget. If you want to learn everything about stock picking then I highly recommend the Complete Package. Just the guides are pure gold to learn stock picking.

I have another Question.

If you still have questions then get in touch with me at and I will do my best to answer them.

Time To Order

There’s never been a better time to start picking stocks. And there’s never been a better resource to help you get started the right way. Now’s the time to take action, but only you can do that.

Choose the package that’s best for you and get started...


Rs. 699
  • The Mega Book
  • Balance Sheet Guide
  • Income Statement Guide
  • Cash Flow Statement


Rs. 499
  • The Mega Book
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