Stock Investment Advice From The Top 10 Fund Managers

Here’s the stock investment advice from the top 10 fund managers. Stock investment advice from the professionals focus on several key areas – longevity of investment, cutting out noise, and asset allocation.

Last week, The Economic Times published the list of top ten fund managers for the year 2015. Although the list is from India, the advice applies to all.

Here’s the advice from the best fund managers for new investors.

Chirag Setalvad, HDFC MF:

  • Asset allocation is the main driver for returns.
  • Focus on getting an appropriate asset mix based on risk appetite, time horizon, and liquidity needs.
  • Don’t follow the herd. Invest for the long term and monitor investments periodically.
  • Invest regularly and try and put additional capital to work in tough economic conditions.

Neelesh Surana, Mirae Asset Global Investments:

  • Do not be deterred by macro noises.
  • Invest in a disciplined way.
Stock Investment Advice

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Vinit Sambre, DSP Blackrock MF:

  • Incrementally consider a higher allocation to equities.
  • Follow a strict discipline in terms of equity investment and must avoid low-quality traps.
  • As the markets keep rising, the tendency is to keep moving down the quality chain.

Sohini Andani, SBI MF:

  • Invest in equities with longer horizon and churn less.

Kenneth Andrade, IDFC MF:

  • Be comfortable in the asset class you invest in. If you don’t understand it, ask questions.

Harshad Parwardhan, JP Morgan MF:

  • Work with financial advisers to formulate asset allocation plan.

Sailesh Raj Bhan, Reliance MF:

  • Focus on long-term wealth creation over momentum investing.

Anoop Bhaskar, UTI MF:

  • First save, then invest in financial assets.

Jayesh Shroff, SBI MF:

  • Those who stay invested for long always make more money.

Srinivasan, SBI MF:

  • None


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